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Gwynne Rife , owner of Zenmundi Designs, says her motivation for starting the business was both a mind and body experience that soothed her soul. Crouching tiger eye man's aromatherapy bracelet will appeal to the masculine side of anyone, man or women. Coupling the focus of tiger-eye, the peace of the mantra OM, and a scent of your choosing will honor the masculine side and strengthen your resolve to be mindful. "I wanted to make jewelry and artisan pieces with stones that were luminous and elegant enough to wear to work while allowing women to feel connected to the world and stay grounded," said aromatherapy diffuser Rife. "Each piece incorporates natural minerals and adornments that are pleasing to the eyes, body, and mind." The new diffusers come in various forms including lockets, desk sitters, hangers, and bracelets. For those that don't wear a lot of jewelry, the stationary pieces keep the calming essential oil scents nearby. The jewelry and artisan pieces are meant to not only bring beauty but awareness to those who wear it. Rife says each piece, each stone has a story to tell and a specific energy to generate. The addition of a pleasing scent with the energy of the stones provides a powerful, mood-enhancing experience for the one who keeps it close. "In the scope of the products I carry, the diffusers were an obvious choice," said Rife. "I love keeping the scents that give me energy close, and this is my hope for my customer: that these pieces are an experience, not just a piece of jewelry." Rife offers jewelry with traditional and unique symbols represented in ancient practices including the elephant, birdcage, tiger, and Namaste.

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